Future Management

Looking into the future, learning from the future, shaping the future

Today companies operate in the context of the VUCA world, which is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In this volatile world, which is constantly changing, becoming more unstable and unpredictable, the pressure for innovation and change as well as uncertainty about market development is constantly increasing. Influences and problems as well as their effects on companies and markets are becoming more complex and multi-layered – and are therefore increasingly difficult to understand, explain and handle. The demands placed on companies and management are contradictory and paradoxical and question previous values and culture. The learning of best practice cases, the deepening of know-how through experience no longer necessarily leads to success.

Classic traditional – even expert-oriented – management and strategy approaches often do not do sufficient justice to this current corporate context. Far too often, a great deal of effort is invested in the analysis of the past. The strategic management degenerates to “driving through the rear-view mirror”.

Whether a company achieves its strategic goals is primarily not determined by the architects of the strategy, but by the system “company” with its historically grown, well-established action and reaction patterns as well as its internal and external contexts. In the VUCA world, therefore, it is above all a question of thinking ahead and combining the skills of the company and its employees with a robust strategy for the future. Strategy discussions and development should therefore not be conducted from above.

If the different hierarchical levels are also involved, organisations can identify trends more quickly and plan different scenarios better in advance. Diversity means not only a diversity of people and opinions, but also a diversity of strategic options.

Our future management helps you to lead your company “from the future”. We optimize your strategy process by opening your eyes to possible futures, moderating the necessary discussion and translating the findings into concrete and comprehensible business models and action plans.

We offer tailor-made concepts and solutions for future-oriented visions and strategies as well as support in their focused implementation.

Future Management. Looking into the future, learning from the future, shaping the future

Disruptive, future-based strategy development in three steps

JustFUTURE is a strategy development process that gives you a focused view of your future. JustFUTURE relies on the discursive participation of various hierarchical levels and specialist areas and uses the existing knowledge in the company.

Through its intensive focus on the future – and this beyond current (fashion) trends – justFUTURE supports the thinking in and finding of disruptive development opportunities for the company, its managers and employees as well as products, suppliers and markets of the future.

The justFUTURE procedure model prevents the solidification in the analysis of yesterday’s strengths and success positions and the formulation of evolutionary strategies of “Keep it up, just a little better!”

In three steps, we develop the possible future business environments together with selected managers and employees – possibly supplemented by key customers, strategic supply chain partners and forward-looking development cooperations. On the basis of the justFUTURE process model, robust or future-proof business models and strategy options as well as concrete fields of action, measures and internal and external communication strategies are defined, prioritized and concretised (see top chart).

The justFUTURE procedure model understands strategy development as a joint communication process and makes it possible to counteract the classic “hockey stick curve” (see bottom chart).

justFUTURE. Disruptive, future-based strategy development in three steps

“Hockey stick curve” of strategy implementation with and without justFUTURE

Accepted and successful change “from the inside out”

The justCHANGE process model supports companies in the various phases of change and at various levels.

justBZ accompanies the change initiators (change sponsor) as well as the internal change agents and project managers on their “hero’s journey” through change by preparing them for their respective roles, providing them with tools and tools, developing them as moderators and coaching them in conflict situations so that they can constructively handle the dynamics of change at the individual and organisational level.

For this, justBZ combines interventions and measures of systemic organizational development and holistic change management with “soft” tools of personnel and personality development, but also with “hard” tools of project and portfolio management, controlling and communication management.

The justCHANGE process model supports the participation and commitment of those affected through professionally prepared and moderated workshops.

The basis for the reduction of emotional and cognitive uncertainties is also the process-accompanying communication of change, which ensures the exchange of mutual and participative communication (discourse and feedback). The justCHANGE process model uses all relevant communication channels and ensures reliable processes.

justCHANGE as a „hero’s journey“

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