Our understanding of consulting

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together leads to success.” – Henry Ford

In the corporate VUCA world, a transactional – practically incapacitating – relationship between consultants and the actors in the company, i.e. their managers and employees, is no longer sufficient. This is why we find the individual balance between resource-oriented process consulting and solution-focused expert consulting in our cooperation with our clients.

Based on active listening, empathy, permanent dialogue, critical questioning, professional solution impulses and last but not least mutual trust, we develop individual solutions with each company and client. We are and remain curious, supportive and flexible.

Due to this complementary, transformational consulting approach, our understanding of consulting is characterized by six additional aspects beyond our general corporate values.

  • Neutrality
    Whenever possible we are neutral towards perceptions, knowledge, solutions, experiences and people. We help to describe contexts, problems, situations etc. and to apply the customer’s wealth of knowledge, experience and solution competence. We give as few prefabricated solutions as possible.
  • Synergy
    We do not always know better or have the only “correct” view of the situation. We will only be successful through synergetic cooperation of our knowledge with the customer’s know-how and the shared perspective on contexts.
  • Reflection
    We implement reflection and feedback processes in change projects – both at the content and process levels. They strengthen the interaction with the environment, the situation and the self and make changes sustainable.
  • Systemic value retention
    We believe that people and systems (organisations) are capable of development and learning. Often we just have to remind our customers of their natural resources for development and problem solving – but also for strength and well-being – and strengthen them in their use.
  • Clarity of roles
    We ourselves take care to act out of clear roles and demand the same from our customers. In this way we reduce misunderstandings and create clarity and transparency.
  • Benefit orientation
    We focus on the benefits for our customers. We check whether the “What?”, “Why?” and “How?” of interventions meet our promised benefits.

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